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What are you looking for?  Don’t know who to contact?  Unsure of how to sell your goods and services in the single biggest market in the world?  Doesn’t matter, we are here to help.  We are the ecommerce marketing experts here in China. We offer expert strategies, online store setup, management, and we are here to help you to operate smoothly and hassle free, our services are here to help your businesses grow, and blossom; to meet, and exceed your goals.  We are Kinjoys, here to serve you to the road of success.

Kinjoys covers wide variety of industries; with concentrations in everyday household supplies, to food and beverage items, information system needs.  Also, we have travel and tourism, healthcare products and services; also all sorts of different types of customer services.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • China market Research
  • Social media marketing (WeChat, Weibo, Douyin, Red,Zhihu)
  • Search engine optimization
  • Baidu marketing
  • Website localization
  • Leads generation

The cost varies from $200–$10000. It depends on the marketing method you choose.You may check the Pricing on our website.
Or you may contact us for getting a quotation for Custom Service.

We provide affordable services with effective solutions.

  • Dedicated Team: Our team consists of marketing & ecommerce experts.
  • Tailored Consulting:We understand your business and provide a tailor-made consulting.
  • Transparent Fee:You will know the exact costs and we will give you the best value for each payment.
  • Performance Oriented:We evaluate periodically to ensure the performance of each plan.
  • Excellent Communication:We keep our client informed of progress and plans to know the progress and result.
  • Reliability & Reputation:We are your trusted partner in Chinese market.
  • eCommerce Expertise:We are focus on eCommerce marketing and operation in China.
  • Information Security: Protect your company’s private information from public disclosure.

You can contact us by Skype or Whatsapp or sending email.

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Social media marketing in China


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Search engine marketing in China

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